How To Sing In 7 Steps

My technique is ideal for classical, pop, jazz and musical theater vocalists with a passion for healthy singing. My style produces unmatched vocal health, beauty and stylistic flexibility in the voice. The fundamentals are as follows:
Low To High Notes. First we master low notes, then middle, then high. By first singing low pitches, singers are able to engage the entirety of the vocal folds in a relaxed manner. The larynx remains in the ideal low position on lower pitches. We speak in lower tones. It is the logical place to start.
Natural Breathing. We need about as much air to sing, as we do to speak a phrase. Just a handful of air does the trick. Take in too much air, and we feel we are suffocating. If too much air unnaturally escapes through the vocal folds, we have lost all breath control completely. Breathing for singing should be as effortless as breathing for speaking – only more supported.
Relaxed Face/Mouth. Tongue, jaw and lip tension are all too common for singers. Ideally, a …