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Qualified Voice Teacher

A good voice teacher is very rare. Ask any experienced singer and they will tell you, you are lucky to find one good voice teacher in your lifetime. Voice teachers should produce vast improvements in your voice during your study with them; their goal should be to make you a phenomenal singer. Here are six vital qualities every voice teacher should possess:

One. Educated in the voice. Being a good voice teacher is an intellectual and academic pursuit. Your voice teacher should be educated with a bachelors or masters degree in voice, and should continue her education outside the classroom via personal study, online resources and continued reading/research.
Two. Professional performing career. A good voice teacher has many years of professional performing experience and understands what it really means to be the best and sing with the best. She understands the life and pressures of a performer because she herself has been one. This allows a teacher to take vocal pedagogy/theory from books …