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Awards & Accolades:
Cathedral and church singers
Cinderella Pageant TX - Best Talent
University Talent Show Winners
Top singers at OC School of the Arts/OCSA
Orange Lutheran High School Most Talented
Classical Singer Magazine Vocal Competition Finalist
Lead role in Mulan, Marriage of Figaro, Miss Saigon, Cavalleria Rusticana
Band singers, lounge singers, professional backup singers
Huntington Beach High School APPA Program Best Vocalist
$100,000 college scholarships - SFU, DePaul U, SDU, Ohio U
Other college scholarships - CSUF, CSULB, Biola U
Miss Teen California - Best Talent

“Jennylyn is beautiful inside and out. Her talents are immeasurable and the love for her passion are unbelievable. I have blessed with Jennylyn’s beauty-coaching skills. She taught me how to accomplish my goals while living a balanced, healthy life. I credit Jennylyn for my recent successes in my health, beauty and professional life. Thank you Jennylyn for your constant love, kindness and knowledge. You are truly a gifted soul with so many talents!” -Chie Hamada, Autism Therapist & Beauty Blogger

"I've known Jennylyn for over 20 years and she is the most positive, inspiring, loving and fun to be around person. Anyone that gets the pleasure of working with her or being her friend is the lucky one." -Lindsay Harwell, HR Manager and Mom

“Jennylyn is passionate about truth-telling when it comes facing the ups and downs of life. She wants honesty and action rather than superficiality and glibness! She passionately enjoys people and believes that each person has been created with God-given beauty and purposes. Her creative spirit gives her enthusiasm and joy! The hardships she has experienced in her own life have deepened her compassion for others and increased her desire to help them embrace their personal  realities.” -Sally Gleason, Bible Study Teacher, Author & Pastor’s Wife

"In the two years I've had the pleasure of getting to know Jennylyn, she has gone from my coach to mentor and close friend. Jennylyn has transformed my life and the way I look at myself. I am forever grateful for her. Words can't describe what she means to me!" -Alyssa Isogawa, Creative Entrepreneur and Singer

“Jennylyn is straightforward and simplifies what it means to be a bold, spiritual, self-loving, integrated person – at any size or age. Most importantly, her wisdom, integrity, and generosity make her a great role-model and coach. Jennylyn is not afraid to get to the heart of the matter and go the distance for her clients. Her spiritual guidance helped me release a toxic person from my life and begin a beautiful new chapter. She helped me realize endless possibilities for my life. I finally feel beautiful, healthy and lovable, just as I am.” -Erika Browell, Singer, Dancer & Actress

"Jennylyn, you have always been an encouraging and inspirational person with a heart of gold! Thank you for guiding me through so many trials and decisions. You're so valuable to everyone you meet!! Not just with your loving and infectious personality, but because of your intelligence and intuition. You are a treasure!" -Jodi Newton, Model & Sales Rep

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